Our Focus

Swatara Creek, Hummelstown
Swatara Creek, Hummelstown

Without a doubt, every church will be called upon at some point to extend a hand of compassion in the face of a crisis or disaster.  Floods, severe weather events, unexpected economic downturns, accidents, acts of terrorism – the list of possible community critical incidents is endless.  Some are driven by nature, while others are man-made.  Few churches are prepared with either a plan or economic resources to address these circumstances, and yet these incidents often provide both immediate and long term potential for significant ministry.  This is the focus of Penndel Charities!

PennDel Charities is available to come along side churches and/or ministries with assistance to implement a response plan, as well as financially supporting such compassionate endeavors.

Our Mission…

“Providing financial and other resources to enable local churches and/or ministries to address disasters and crises that are larger than an individual church can address by itself.”

What We Do and How We Serve…

      • We will identify, support, and resource crises and disaster responses via churches and ministries
      • Raise regional awareness of such endeavors
      • Solicit donations, grants, endowments, gifts, etc.
      • Assist in mobilizing volunteers to support crisis/disaster responses
United Flt 93 crash site
United Flt 93 crash site
2010 Ephrata Blizzard
1979 3 Mile Island Disaster
1979 3-Mile Island Disaster